As an Biocell fusion science institute, SONIMEDI has made a great effort to do research on TDS (Transdermal Delivery System), DDS (Drug Delivery System), Cosmetic and skincare formulas since its establishment in 2008. SONIMEDI deeply believes that “Quality is the best business plan”. Therefore, the company CEO, Mr. Lee has devoted endless time and effort to develop high quality skincare products with pure and fine ingredients. Most importantly, SONIMEDI has its own factory in South Korea and adopted JIT (Just-in-time) production model to ensure the freshness of products. No matter how old you are, you would find suitable products from us. We care you from your head to toe.

Main business
1. Development of new natural materials
2. Development of new natural medicine
3. Development of new cosmetic formula
4. Development of new Drug Delivery System (DDS) technology
5. Development and Production of Pro-Cosmeceutical

Our Partners